I was out in the woods today for a secret rendezvous with a gentleman who goes by the nick name "The Masked Rider" I brought along my Hubby to film me being fucked by my friend. I now invite you to join my website and watch the anonymous stranger fuck me to a standstill. My Hubby really enjoyed seeing me get it so should you!
I am sat outside my tent stuffing my face with food and drink and at the same time keeping a close eye out for anyone approaching in case they catch me naked. I love being outdoors and naked, swinging my huge udders too and fro and I just love the idea your sat there watching me.
I always take a regular walk down to the swamp and today I was joined by a neighbor friend of mine who "Watched my back" as he describes but really I guess he just enjoyed the wonderful view I offered him. He tells me he will be back for more.
Hi Baby, In front of the passion oak tree. Long 'bout sunset. I'm all unwrapped and comfortable. Just as I was getting started to take a little stroll along the foot path on a chilly evening. The sudden urge to purge some tinkle came upon me! So after watering the grass I was ready to explore my surroundin's. Feelin' a little bold, I walked out into the open and discovered the path I'd like to try. You follow along with me and catch an eye full of my curvy package, bottom, top & tail. Oh-look! What's that? Hmmm, looks like Mistletoe! After our walk, could you please help me fasten my bra?
Well, it's been a few days since I had my last pussy trim and I figured I needed help. Like at the nail salon, but hard as I tried to find a pussy boutique. I just couldn't find one. So, I wondered around and guess what I found! The Lumber Jack's shack! He said he'd be happy to lend me a helping hand! My pussy was pampered and in no time at all. It was silky smooth with a nice landing strip! Hmmm, now what would you like to land there? Ha Ha
Pretty hot out here in the woods today so even walking around naked wouldn't keep me cool. Found the answer was plenty of water and by did I drink a few gallons. BUt there is a true saying what goes in has to come out, so I guess if you want to see the coming out part you need to join my members zone it's quick easy and secure just check in now and join my other lucky members.
Is anything more hot. Than a fan of gals with, All Natural, Plump, Big Assed, Super Sized Boobs. Gettin' the chance to meet one in the woods and she climbs a tree for him and gets naked! What an explosion of passion! Well that's exactly what happened to the the Lucky Lumber Jack and guess who he is! It's you! I'm bare foot in the dirt. As I climb up on a very old, worn out, picnic table to mount an old oak tree. I'll pull off my top and bra. Spilling out my 10 gallon knockers. After having a good chat. You finally ask me, to show you my fur! Enjoy, because it was a lot of fun to share this time with you!
Here I am at my very own Mardi Gras, my party is different to most because I soon loose all my clothes....Well nearly all in those case I thought I would be a little Foxy with my suoper huge 40Ms, no panties and my pink tail and ears. Don't you just want to tug that stiff manhood of yours while you watch me party for you?

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