Cum-long with me as I dance in the woods. With the early morning sunshine. Close to the sea. Gettin' it on like I was practicing for a balancing beam act. You're invited to stand by my side and watch my super sized udders shimmy and shake. Like no other can, in this neck of the woods! Well, I got tired out. So, I took off my flip flops and went bare foot. I began to laugh and felt better as I popped off my top and then my panties too. Ha Ha, it feels much more fun gettin' naked for you! You'll see me bear down hard as I dance. Because I'm tryin' to keep my pussy tightly wrapped around the balls which I had pushed up in my pussy. Ooops, they dew pop out a couple of times. To much wet dew? Enjoy!

My Hubby wanted to have some fun this evening so we set the cam up on a rolling luggage handle with a rubber band because we forgot to bring the tripod. We're always looking for fans who'd like to volunteer to cum by and lend us a helping hand by modeling in a video and photos with me! Get in touch

By special request. The "Greek Hard Rider" asked me to place his handle on my tits, in red lipstick, and make a video and photos for him. He requested my nipples received some attention so watch as they get a good nipple tugging. Spread like wings, flopped, jiggled and swaying in an ocean of motion! If you have a special request for me let me know and I'll see if it's something I think I could do for you.

Do you like to see my nicely trimmed pussy then you will love to watch this video because you get to see lots of my huge tits and pussy but you also get a little foot fetish as I tug a big rubber dildo with my sweet and dainty feet.

I just love the feel of my white faux fur blanket next to my skin it has a wonderful feeling. Today I role around naked on my fur especially for you nice guys out there watching. I hope my huge boobs turn you on as I encase them in the Faux Fur

My shower was SO COLD! Why? Well, it was because, the other campers. In the other two stalls. Had used up all the hot water! You'll see my tits, wet, soaped, wiggling & jiggling to every slippery motion! I spread my legs wide open to scrub my-pussy-so-good! With included shakin' it views! Of my very-nice-big-ass! I'll sure nuff give you an extra good squirt of gold as a partin' present!

Well fancy meeting you here in the woods! How are you stranger? Cum-Long with me! I've something to show you. Some new Bubbles & Balls equipment. To get your Rock-Hard-On! Ooops, I've got to squeeze my pussy hard or my balls will pop out! Well Sir, we can't part 'till I give you a little golden squirt! Enjoy, thank you for stopping by my neck of the woods! Cum again soon!

A little light bondage at the lumberjacks backwoods nudist colony for two. I used a 50' foot long and 5/16" thick rope and took up the slack in figure 8's up my back. So all of it was used without cutting any of it. I purchased it at a local hardware store and learned how to do the Bikini Harness online. Hope you like it!

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